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About Us
About Us

About Us

     Oh, there you are! 

     Hello and welcome to Unusual Finds from Effie & Elizabeth, 


unfortunately neither Effie nor Elizabeth are able to meet-and-greet you, but we're here to help. I'm Dorothy Louise, Effie's daughter and he's Orin James, Elizabeth's son. We're the husband-and-wife team who own and manage this website dedicated to the two women we admire the most - our mothers.

     We want you to be comfortable doing business with us, so let us introduce ourselves. We live frugally with our five cats rescued from the streets.  Occasionally, we watch an old color T.V, with a converter box and a 20+ year old rooftop antenna. We read books voraciously, love to cook from scratch and garden.  To different degrees, we've been dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century.  We bought our first computer to launch this online store.  Orin is the webmaster and Dorothy is the wordsmith.

     Between the two of us, we've earned seven degrees (from The College of Wooster, Oberlin College. Cleveland State University, Case Western University in Ohio, and Nova Southeastern University in Florida).  Our joint and double majors  reflect our interests: history. political science, psychology, cultural anthropology, sociology, art history and education.  Orin has retired as a "traveling psychologist" for schools who were unable to afford their own full time specialists;  Dorothy retired as a college professor of behavioral science "ologies"

     We unabashedly admit to being passionately, incurably enthusiastic entrepreneurs.  While pursuing professional careers, over the years we have owned and operated an alternative (non-graded) elementary school, a hydroponic houseplant party sales company, and a franchised barter/trade organization.   We operated six booths at one of the largest flea markets in our area.  We have purchased and continue to rehab old houses as homes for moderate and low income renters.  We believe that if you have a decent  place to lay your head tonight, you'll be better able to fight the dragons of life tomorrow.  For ourselves, we've been rebuilding a century old farmhouse for the past eleven years  It has four small additions and we've been fixing the nightmares caused by the last owner.  He thought major updates could be started and completed in a few days before a major holiday by an unskilled do-it-yourselfer.  When we're asked "When will you finish?" we reply, "When we finish." 

     We guess the compulsive drive to achieve is a first generation immigrant affliction (Orin was born in Canada and Dorothy in Liberia) who see this country as a wondrous land of unlimited opportunities for those who are willing to work hard, very hard to reap the benefits of life in America.

    So we will work very hard to make this store one of the best in the themed collectible niche.  Roughly between the years 1990 and 2005 all items for sale here were personally selected and purchased by us because of their uncommon and distinctive qualities. 

     We draw on the breadth and depth of our education and life experiences to research and describe what is unusual and outstanding about each item.  We believe the more you know, the richer your appreciation and the greater your pleasure in owning or gifting a particular piece.  Please,don't be exasperated if you find typographical mistakes, descriptive errors, or mislabled photographs. As Orin often grumbles "To err is human; to really foul up, you need a computer!"  We're still learning and will correct ourselves ASAP.

     Our Mission Statement is simple and familiar: we will strive to treat you as we would like to be treated.

     So, whether you're here "just looking" or want to "buy it now", we appreciate your visit and hope you'll come back soon.  We will be adding more items and product categories regularly.  If you miss a visit, you'll miss alot and don't forget, when it's sold, it leaves our inventory permanently! We plan on expanding as we grow so that we can better support your shopping experience with us

    So we'll say " So long and thanks for stopping by." Now that you know more about us, and the whats and whys of our business, please don't be a stranger next time.

     Effie's Daughter                 :)  Elizabeth's Son

     (Dr. Dorothy L.S. Martin)         (Dr. Orin J. Martin)

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