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African-American Heritage Figurine: Parents with InfantAfrican-American Heritage Figurine:  Parents with InfantWith pride, a young couple embrace their precious infant with loving arms.
African-American Heritage Figurine: Boy and Girl School MatesAfrican-American Heritage Figurine: Boy and Girl School MatesTheir vintage-style clothing worn by each child suggests that they are schoolmates.
African-American Heritage Figurine: Boy with ScooterAfrican-American Heritage Figurine: Boy with  ScooterA boyish enthusiasm for speed is captured by this little figurine - even if it's only provided by foot power!
African-American Heritage Figurine: Party GirlAfrican-American Heritage Figurine: Party GirlIt's hard to tell if the presents at her feet mean she's celebrating her own party or going to one. Not that it matters at all - she's adorably dressed for any special occasion, like being given as a gift or sitting in your collection.

African-American Heritage Figurine: School GirlsAfrican-American Heritage Figurine: School GirlsTheir expressive eyes look up and plump red lips draw attention to dark chocolate brown faces.
African-American Heritage Figurine:Hard Working BoysAfrican-American Heritage Figurine:Hard Working BoysThis set of miniatures seem to confirm that life is not easy (even for the young) but all can be overcome by hard work.
African-American Heritage Figurines Boy & Girl with ToysAfrican-American Heritage Figurines  Boy & Girl with ToysFun, fun, and more fun seems to be the motto of these children who are surrounded by their favorite toys of a by-gone era.
Cookie Jar/Photo Holder:Nostalgic School HouseCookie Jar/Photo Holder:Nostalgic  School HouseThis is more than a container for cookies.
Wall Hanging: Nostalgic School HouseWall Hanging: Nostalgic School HouseLike a stained glass window the colors are bright and beautiful rich red, royal blue, sparkling white, soft yellow and two shades of brown.
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