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African-American Heritage Figurine: Boy Shows OffAfrican-American Heritage Figurine: Boy Shows OffWhat could be more adorable than a cute little boy with full pink pouty lips, looking you straight in the eyes and seem to ask for your approval for his self-selected mismatched outfit. 
African-American Lifestyle Figurine: Boys cramming for examAfrican-American Lifestyle Figurine: Boys cramming for examThe moral of this story. One will pay for goofing off first.
African-American Lifestyle Figurine: Cowboy Drawing GunAfrican-American Lifestyle Figurine: Cowboy Drawing GunHow rare this image is! Even in historical records, there is a dearth of depictions of real cowboys of color. Even harder to find are stories of the most famous of all - the Buffalo Soldiers. So this gunslinger is special.
African-American Lifestyle Figurine: Cowboy WarningAfrican-American Lifestyle Figurine: Cowboy WarningToday, heroes for many boys have superhuman special powers. But before them, came the American cowboys. They brought to the confrontation with those who would cause harm, strength of character backed up by excellent shooting skills. A warning to "Get out of town before sunset!" was enough to get bad guys to vamoose in a hurry. 

African-American Lifestyle Figurines: Boy and Girl Book LoversAfrican-American Lifestyle Figurines: Boy and Girl Book LoversJust one look at the faces of these two children and one understands completely the joy of reading books.
African-American Lifestyle Print: " Checkers"African-American Lifestyle Print: " Checkers"This reproduction shows four boys of different ages spending time at home, strategizing over plays on a checkerboard.                   
African-American Lifestyle Print: "Doing Homework" by C.W. MundyAfrican-American Lifestyle Print: "Doing Homework" by C.W. MundyThis is a print of an oil painting by Indiana Impressionist Charles Warren Mundy who was born in 1945.
African-American Lifestyle Print: Boy in General StoreAfrican-American Lifestyle Print: Boy in General StoreIt's about 10:55 AM by the clock on the wall.  It'a cool autumn day (long sleeves and ripe pumpkins) but it's warm enough to wear short pants and walk to the store with a little red wagon to return enpty bottles (remember deposits?).  And it's just the right temperature to use his bottle refund money for a delicious double scoop ice cream cone.   

African-American Lifestyle: Parents with ChildrenAfrican-American Lifestyle:  Parents with ChildrenA young family's mother, father, son and daughter embrace each other tightly in an expression of love, affection and mutual interdependence.
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