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African Male Figurine: "Stalking Prey."African Male Figurine:  "Stalking Prey."This is not a historically accurate depiction but it is a well-executed image of the idealized brave, competent hunter of days gone by.
African Male Figurine: "Warrior Pride."African Male Figurine:  "Warrior Pride."Artistically, one's eyes are immediately drawn to the fluttering, wind blown toga with it's multiple colorful stripes which are a dramatic counterpoint to the contemplative, serene distant gaze and quiet pose.
African Male Figurine: Masai WarriorAfrican Male Figurine:  Masai WarriorThis proudly standing warrior bears the distinct symbols unique to the Masai males of Kenya: long strands of hair tied in the back and pierced ears with extended lobes.
African Male Figurines: Warrior CollectionAfrican Male Figurines:  Warrior CollectionThis extraordinary collection of warriors show tremendous imagination, stylistic diversity and care in execution.
African Wise Men TotemAfrican Wise Men TotemDespite a fusion of cross cultural ideology, this totem is rooted in the ethnic mosaic of the Congo.
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