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"IGBO ARTS: COMMUNITY & COSMOS" Exhibition Poster, 1984."IGBO ARTS:  COMMUNITY & COSMOS" Exhibition Poster, 1984.An eye catching image of an Agdogho Mmwo mask.
African Batik Wall Hanging, framed under glass, When Women GatherAfrican Batik Wall Hanging, framed under glass, When Women GatherThis batik shows women sitting together in harmony which is a positive message for the workplace or the home front.
African Batik Wall Hanging, framed: woman and girl pounding in a mortar.African Batik Wall Hanging, framed: woman and girl pounding in a mortar.This is a scene of domestic cooperation between the generations.
African Batik Wall Hanging, woman and child carrying jugsAfrican Batik Wall Hanging, woman and child carrying jugsThis batik's vibrant and rich colors glow like a stained glass window.
African Batik Wall Hanging-signed,KenyaAfrican Batik Wall Hanging-signed,KenyaA signed masterpiece of vision and technical skill.
African Decorative Congolese Mask IAfrican Decorative Congolese Mask IThis mask is typical of African art because it defies rigid, simplistic classification.
African Decorative Mask : Bearded Man, IAfrican Decorative Mask :  Bearded Man, ITiny rows of dashes cut through the red and black stains to create a delicate tracery that does not obliterate the massive male face.
African Decorative Mask : Bearded Man, IIAfrican Decorative Mask :  Bearded Man, IIThe distinctive Van Dyke-type beard sweeps to the right as if storm blown and could be a caricature of a Caucasian man.
African Decorative Mask : Ebony FaceAfrican Decorative Mask :  Ebony FaceThe lack of colorful surface embellishment five this diminutive this mask would project monumental presence that could dominate any room in which it was displayed.
African Decorative Mask with Arrow CrestAfrican Decorative Mask with Arrow CrestIt is impossible to ignore the high relief downward pointing arrowhead and shaft which bisect the forehead and separate two female profiles that face each other.
African Decorative Mask with Elephant Crest, KenyaAfrican Decorative Mask with Elephant Crest, KenyaA most complicated blend of disparate elements that warrant more than just a quick glance.
African Decorative Mask with multicolored , spots.African Decorative Mask with multicolored , spots.The complexity of several contrasting elements makes this mask unique.
African Decorative Mask with Puffy BraidsAfrican Decorative Mask with Puffy BraidsThis is a very idiosyncratic and creative image of a human face.
African Fiber Collage: Giraffes, framedAfrican Fiber Collage: Giraffes, framed"Tall neck like a Chinese chopstick..."
African Fiber Collage: Village Scene, FramedAfrican Fiber Collage: Village Scene, FramedThe unmistakable landscape of the east African savannah dominates a rural compound.
African Fiber Collage: Zebras, framedAfrican Fiber Collage: Zebras, framed"Are they black or white? Or could they be white with black ?"
African Mask, Congolese IIAfrican Mask, Congolese IISlightly raised carving reveal an ethereal human face in deep meditative repose.
African-style Mask, Benin Court, NigeriaAfrican-style Mask, Benin Court, NigeriaThis mask shows the stylistic influences of the girdle masks from the ancient Benin Kingdom, Nigeria.
African-style mask, framed, IAfrican-style mask, framed, IThis miniature mask suggests stylistic elements common to Igbo (Nigeria) Mmwo masks. Dennis East Int'l., LLC. Collection
African-style mask, framed, IIAfrican-style mask, framed, IIThis miniature mask is complicated in design. Dennis East Int'l. LLC. Collection
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