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African-American Angel Silver-Winged DuetAfrican-American Angel Silver-Winged DuetIt is easy to imagine that the voices of praise never sounded more glorious than the harmonies sung by this angel duet.
African-American Angel Silver-Winged w/ LuteAfrican-American Angel Silver-Winged w/ LuteAn obvious C-curve provides the graceful sway in the pose of this beautiful angel as well as the structure of her wings and the sweep of her gown.
African-American Angel Silver-Winged w/ LyreAfrican-American Angel Silver-Winged w/ LyreLike a delicate butterfly resting, the silver wings of this angel is folded in an upright position.
African-American Angel w/ HarpAfrican-American Angel w/ HarpThis young (teenage?) angel with her golden harp would make an excellent miniature Christmas tree topper as well as a table or shelf decoration.
African-American Angel: CherubAfrican-American Angel: CherubOh, what a picture of joy!!  This laughing little cherub will always bring feelings of good cheer from above and a smile to the face of all.
African-American Angels: Christmas MagnetsAfrican-American Angels:  Christmas  MagnetsThree adorable cherub magnets will hold your notes, papers and cards on the fridge, file cabinet, white board, etc. Or just hang around looking oh-so-cute to spread some Christmas cheer.
African-American Art ReproductionsAfrican-American Art Reproductions"For God is my witness . . ." Artist: Aaron Hicks.
African-American Art ReproductionsAfrican-American Art Reproductions"Let the Heavens be glad . . ." Artist: A.C. Smith.
African-American Art ReproductionsAfrican-American Art Reproductions"And the angel said unto them . . ." Artist: Aaron Hicks.
African-American Art ReproductionsAfrican-American Art Reproductions"I saw in the visions of my head . . ." Artist: Alex Beaujour.
African-American Art ReproductionsAfrican-American Art Reproductions"And my people shall dwell in a peaceable kingdom . . ." Artist: Demetrice Cheathon.
African-American Art ReproductionsAfrican-American Art ReproductionsNo Biblical quotation for identification. (Image is of male angels appearing in the clouds.) Artist: Aaron Hicks.
African-American Cherubic HolderAfrican-American Cherubic HolderFaith and function blend perfectly in this porcelain-look display stand.  It  can hold business cards on a desk, a favorite small photograph, a small decorative plate or plaque.  Experiment an see what fits the slot and angle.  What a nice gift for a female pastor, devoted business woman or avid collector of angels, or a favorite relative.  Anyone would be pleased with this one.
African-American Christmas Angel w/ TealightAfrican-American Christmas Angel w/ TealightThe symbols of a traditional Christmas are all here: the little girl angel, the evergreen wreath with ribbon and candlelight.
African-American Christmas Angel: Bell RingerAfrican-American Christmas Angel: Bell RingerA charming little girl angel with unfurled wings celebrates Christmas by ringing three golden bells.
African-American Christmas Angel: Glitter CarollerAfrican-American Christmas Angel: Glitter CarollerHand applied deep golden glitter is liberally sprinkled all over the yellow-gold gown and fantasy-shaped wings of this angel belting out a carol from a Christmas songbook.
African-American Christmas Angel: Glitter TrumpeterAfrican-American Christmas Angel: Glitter TrumpeterGolden glitter has been lavishly sprinkled all over the gown and was heavily applied to the fantasy wings of this angel whose trumpet sparkles in a celebration of the Christmas season.
African-American Female Angel w/ CherubsAfrican-American Female Angel w/ CherubsHolding a golden harp, this female angel with two cherubs is wrapped in swirls and folds of a billowing cream colored gown trimmed in matte gold.
African-American Silver Winged Music BoxAfrican-American Silver Winged Music BoxThis very rare angel music box plays the familiar, classic hymn ,"Angels We Have Heard On High."
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