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African-America Santa w/ Bag of ToysAfrican-America Santa w/ Bag of ToysHe's HERE bearing one of the most important symbols of the Christmas season: a fat green bag overflowing with toys for all the good little girls and boys!
African-American Angels: Christmas MagnetsAfrican-American Angels:  Christmas  MagnetsThree adorable cherub magnets will hold your notes, papers and cards on the fridge, file cabinet, white board, etc. Or just hang around looking oh-so-cute to spread some Christmas cheer.
African-American Christmas Angel w/ TealightAfrican-American Christmas Angel w/ TealightThe symbols of a traditional Christmas are all here: the little girl angel, the evergreen wreath with ribbon and candlelight.
African-American Christmas Angel: Bell RingerAfrican-American Christmas Angel: Bell RingerA charming little girl angel with unfurled wings celebrates Christmas by ringing three golden bells.
African-American Christmas Angel: Glitter CarollerAfrican-American Christmas Angel: Glitter CarollerHand applied deep golden glitter is liberally sprinkled all over the yellow-gold gown and fantasy-shaped wings of this angel belting out a carol from a Christmas songbook.
African-American Christmas Angel: Glitter TrumpeterAfrican-American Christmas Angel: Glitter TrumpeterGolden glitter has been lavishly sprinkled all over the gown and was heavily applied to the fantasy wings of this angel whose trumpet sparkles in a celebration of the Christmas season.
African-American Christmas: Boys Opening PresentsAfrican-American Christmas:  Boys Opening PresentsDefinitely, from the quantity of presents they received, these two boys were super nice this Christmas!
African-American Fiber Optic SantaAfrican-American Fiber Optic SantaThis Santa is the perfect antidote to an over-commercialized Christmas...he is dramatic! Historians have discovered the Christmas origins of Santa Claus in Saint Nicholas. His hand crafted touches make he a true work of art, This is a heirloom Santa Claus for the generations because he merges traditional Old World details with modern fiber-optic morphing colored lights.
African-American Heritage Figurines Boy & Girl with ToysAfrican-American Heritage Figurines  Boy & Girl with ToysFun, fun, and more fun seems to be the motto of these children who are surrounded by their favorite toys of a by-gone era.
African-American Santa with Gift ListAfrican-American Santa with Gift ListWouldn't it be a delightful coincidence to discover your name or the name of the gift's recipient on that long, long list of those who deserve presents rather than a lump of coal for Christmas?
African-American Santa's HelperAfrican-American Santa's HelperNow we know Santa's big secret. . .he is able to fill the dreams of all the good boys and girls because he has a cadre of diligent workshop assistants!
African-American Santa's HelpersAfrican-American Santa's HelpersTwo Santa's Helpers are making toys for children and so depicts the spirit of Christmases past, present and future: giving to others.
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