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African Candle Holder with Village Couple
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Three tall gold rimmed, bowl shaped tourches rise above the heads of the African man and woman standing regally in the foreground. They stand infront of a large boulder before which grown tall red flowers. Nearby lies a round blue jug which is tipped to one side. The couple are dressed in traditional African-style wraps. The barest of incised lines outline the woman's hair, and the man's tall headdress and girdle. The lack of facial features lends an air of mystery and suggests that any more human quality would disrupt the abstract design. The paint is applied with attention to maximum contrast. Simulated crackle paints in yellow, red, green and white blends withblack and gold accents. The back of the candle holder is nicely finished in solid red, green and black with crackle touches. Painted wood, imported. Collected prior to 2006.
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