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African Family Figurine:  Parents with Daughter
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The attention to detail is just amazing! From every view these figures are completely finished. Careful and skillful hand painting rebders the drapes, folds, falls and gathers of the gowns and wraps are distinct and unique to each person. In typical African style, contrasting fabric patterns and colors are combine with a flourish according to individual taste. So, the male (king or paramount chief) wears a yellow,black and blue striped drape over a blue and purplish under-gown. His lady wears orange and yellow stripes with a black and white shawl/waist wrap. The young princess wears a more modern design with a sleeveless blouse and a multi-colored horizontally striped skirt. All garments flutter realistically around their feet. A substantial gold bracelet, earrings, choker, silver-banded collar, armband, cuff, pearl pendant and necklaces complete their formal appearance. Faces, hair, hands and toes are meticulously modelled and painted. Resin, imported. Collected prior to 2006.
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