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Africa Family Figurine
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This if definitely an unusual interpretation of parental love. The father sits with one leg tucked under an upraised knee which supports both hands that tenderly cradle their baby. With flowers in her hair, the mother braces both hands on his shoulders as she kneels behind him and leans forward to gaze with admiration at their son.  Their cream colored gowns fully envelopes their bodies and are decorated with patterned brown and tan.  The fluidity of their gowns seem to unite them stylistically, physically and symbolically. Hair texture and color blends in beautifully with the milk chocolate skin tones. The modeling is exquisite and highly detailed. One can count the infant's tiny fingers and the toe nails of the father's foot.  And yes, the baby is a boy - he is anatomically correct!  A surprising treat is that the father's brilliant smile seems to widen in delight when his teeth are revealed only upon viewing upward from the front. Alabastrite is a stone-based polyresin which can be intricately molded to create works of art. Alabastrite, imported. Collected prior to 2006.
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