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African-American Lifestyle:  Parents with Children
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The father and mother glance down; the children look up.  Although not looking directly at their children's faces, both parents place their hands protectively on their heads (the mother's on the daughters and the father's on the son.) The parental gestures are matched by the encircling arms of their children. Father's coat and son's short-sleeved sweater are understated basic black worn over black patterned trousers.  Mother's form-fitting sleeveless burgundy patterned boidice is worn with a skirt that matches the daughter's more elaborately pleated burgundy and green-black flowing gown. Both gowns are accented in gold braids and loop from the mother's waist to their full skirts. Both wear braided bangs and short bobs. Although well crafted, this figurine is not from the ©Mahogany Princess collection despite probable inspiration from and superficial resemblence. Alabastrite is a stone-based polyresin that can be intricately molded into works of art. Alabastrite, imported. Collected prior to 2006.
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