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African-American Angel Silver-Winged Duet
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© Rus '96 licensed by Enesco © 1997.  These two female angels are standing united as one but each is rendered individualistically.  Their owns are similar in style and trim, but the fabric of the purple gown is covered in black stars and the deep green gown has a pattern of flowers.  The embroidered hem, and sleeves are also different (horizontal in contrast to vertical stripes).  Hair styles are alike in that both fully reveal their faces but one wears a long ponytail held high with an ornate clip and falls to the nape of her neck.  The other angel holds her hair with a headband. Both faces are very expressive: the angel on the left has closed eyes and belts out her song with wide open mouth and head thrown back. The other angel is less exuberant even though her eyes are open. The hand resting on her chest and angle of her head gives the impression of religious emotionality.  Both hold their liquid silver wings closed with a tiny flutter at the tips. The abstract pattern of wings, flaring gowns and hair textures make every view, including the rear, aesthetically pleasing.  © Rus '96 can be found at the back on the lower left.  Parastone,imported.
Copyright © Unusual Finds from Effie & Elizabeth, N Ridgeville, OH  44039-3738