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African-American Santa Candle
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If this Santa Claus isn't funny-looking, who else could be more so? His face, oh his face! His eyes twinkle merrily, his thick white beard spreads like a dinner bib to his waist, his handle-bar mustache almost hides his two apple-round shiny cheeks and his round nose looks like a plum. He is dressed in a non-traditional red floor-hugging red robe instead of the typical two piece suit.  It is has a furry white trim that also encircles his red hat and frames his face.  Of course, his hat has a white pompom at the end of it's long peak. One black boot peeks out from underneath his robe. He carries a symbol of winter - a fat cardinal in one hand and it's birdhouse in his other hand. Being made of wax (he IS a candle with wick), he is very fragile and has suffered some of the dings of passing time. Most of the staff in his right hand has been broken off, paint has rubbed off his nose, hat and shoe as well as off other places. Perfect he's not, but cute in a homely way? Oh, yes! Who would want to melt him??? Wax. Collected prior to 2006.
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