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African-American Santa with Gift List
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From International Reserving Services, Inc. © 1997. This Santa Claus is traditionally dressed in black boots, white fur-trimmed red suit, matching hat with pompom and green gloves. This Santa also sports the traditional look:  long white beard and full mustache.  He is surrounded by traditional props; toys galore which ranges from teddy bears, balls, candy canes, toy horses, a sleigh filled with more candy, toys and wrapped presents. Besides his honey brown skin tone, this Santa is unique in two other ways. First, he's carrying a gold ribboned wreath made of fruits such as grapes and yellow apples. Secondly, he has a floor length list of those who will receive presents. They are Jennifer, Ellen, Michael, Ronald, Beryl, Chantelle, Marcus, Courtney, Bobby, Lisa, Charles, Duane, Shirley, Walter, Arlene, Jim, Tim, Lucy, Sally, Marcey, Louise, Stephen, David, Annette, Mary, Matthew, Carol, Gloria, Mark, Randy, and Anny.  See anybody you know? Felt furniture protectors. Imported.
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