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African-style Decorative Mask on stand II
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Traditionally, masks integrating two human faces one on top of the other is rare. More typical are full human or animal figures as the crest above a human face.  This mask appears to draw on elements from several traditional styles.  Specifically, the masks of the Bobo-Fing (Bobo-Dioulasso region) and the Mossi (Yatenga region) of Upper Volta. One also detects inspiration from Lo Society dance masks of the Senufo (Korhogo region), Ivory Coast.  In addition the crest itself hints at the double-headed axe which symbolizes Shango, the God of Thunder and divine ancestor of the Yoruba peoples of Nigeria.  The display of masks on stands are not authentic either, but this is still a nicely conceived decorative mask as can be seen in both the frontal and side views.  It would be a striking addition to a room in any home or office. Resin and wood.  Imported ca. 2006
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