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African Fiber Collage: Giraffes, framed
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It is tedious work to collect grass, banana leaves and other plant fibers.  Then drying them is the sun (banana leaves turn black when dried in full sun.  Shade creates yellow and a combination of sun and shade results in a range of other hues).  More time consuming is cutting and piecing together fiber strips, shellacing them before gluing them to black muslin and painting in details.  The three giraffes are presented in naturalistic colors but they appear to be abstract patterns suggestive of Asian art.  How fitting it seems is the description of this "Giraffe"  haiku by Yoshimiro Okumura (2003):  Yellow under the African sun/ Bushy eyelashes/ Tall neck like a Chinese chopsticks/ Dancing with marrionette/ Tail like balancing libra.
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