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African-American Heritage Figurine:Hard Working Boys
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The oldtime newspaper carrier is having a rough day.  His satchel is overflowing and the rest of the papers are slipping and sliding.  And who's on the landline telephone: disgruntled boss or demanding customer?  Why is it in the grass? It must have a whopping long invisible cord.  No wonder he's left it off the cradle to give himself a moment to catch his breath.  One feels equal emphathy for the schoolboy.  On the way out earlier, he was smartly dressed for a cool and wet day:  long-sleeved shirt, coat, tie and umbrella. Now the rain has stopped and it's hot (umbrella is closed, sleeves are rolled up, and coat drags on the ground.  The bookbag sits heavily on his shoes.  The graduate would say, "The tassle is worth the hassle!" with his tassled mortarboard on his head while adjusting his spectacles (symbol of being smart) as are the many books that prove he's a bookworm. Their full eyes appear to look straight at you as you admire their bright eyes and red lips that highlight their expressive dark brown faces.  Hand painted, polyresin, Imported ca 2006.
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