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African female figure, standing
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Characteristics of Mbole art include a deeply carved concave heart-shaped face, a narrow nose bridge ending in blunt, flat nostrils, a small open crescent shaped laughing mouth and slightly flexed arms and legs ending in fully delineated fingers and toes.  In profile, a dynamic tension exixts between the zig-zag silhoutte of the face, breasts, belly, knees and heels, and the constraints imposed by the narrow cylinder of the branch or small tree trunk from which the figure was carved. That this visual struggle is a deliberate choice is the fact that the size of the platform  supporting the figure is larger than the figure itself.  If desired, the figurine  could have been given a larger diameter.  The real feathers are an unexpected element.   Handcrafted wood, probably from The Democratic Republic of the Congo formerly Zaire, collected prior to 2006.
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