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African Wise Men Totem
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This is an imaginative adaptation of the Confucian/Buddhist/Japanese three wise monkeys who admonishes a person to "Hear no Evil, See no Evil, Speak no evil." From the western Congo an be detected a blending of Luba Kifwebe round-headed masks and the Kwele masks with heart-shaped faces dominated by protruding hooded eyelids.  The Lulua (aka Bena-Lulua) carved mortar pestles of squating figures with elbows on knees and hands placed on the sides of the face.  The Kuba peoples put their seated kings on plinths and this totem has the same type of base.  This is an extraordinary expression of African artistic expression with a universal lesson. Handcafted wood, probably from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, formerly Ziare. Collected prior to 2006.
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