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African Batik Wall Hanging, framed under glass, When Women Gather
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One of the chacteristics of "fine" art is its ability to engage the viewer to imaginatively finish "the rest of the story."  Here we see African women sitting in a rural setting.  The story could be be taking place in a market (the workplace) or at a communal compound (homeplace).  It could be about a respite from hard work or a moment of gossip and the exchange of neighborhood news.  Maybe its just routine meal prepration or the excitement of getting ready for a major celebratory feast.  You and your guests could continue the possibilities and probabilities endlessly while enjoying the skill of batik, a fabric decoration  technique using wax or starch to separate the colors of each dye.  It is also called "resist" dying because the wax/starch prevents each color from muddingly the previous one.  As the wax/starch is removed for the application of the next color, the pattern is destroyed.  Each handcrafted batik is an original that does not duplicate any other one.  Dyed cotton from Kenya, collected prior to 2007.
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