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Elephant Display Stand
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This is a highly realistic image of a southeast Asian elephant as depicted by the ears which are smaller than those of African elephants.    The folk idea of the elephant as brainy has been supported by scientific research that has determined that the intelligence of elephants is on par with that of cetacens and hominids.  In fact, the intelligence of elephants is associated with altruism, play, compassion, and self-awareness. The elaborate tasseled platform and floral blanket also indicates this elephant is a "beast of burden." How perfect for using it to display a potted plant, a bouquet of flowers or an object d'art.  The neutral cream color highlights the texture of the skin, the sleekness of the tusks, the intricate embroidered blanket and straps.  Alabastrite is a stone-based polyresin which can be molded to provide extraordinarily detailed works of art.  Alabastrite, imported, collected prior to 2006.
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