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African Male Figurine:  "Warrior Pride."
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The African Legacy Collection.  The traditional Samburu of Kenya are a semi-nomadic people who tend mostly cattle but some sheep, goats and camels as well.  That is why the title of this figurine is puzzling.  This male figure has no attributes of war such as weapons and does not display nonverbal symbols like a fierce countenance or aggressive stance.  "Pride" is definitely represented but it is the pride of a herdsman .  All sides of this figurine are given equal attention;  there is not a less or unfinished view which should be hidden against a wall.  In fact, "Warrior Pride" should be positioned before a mirror and/or on a turntable so that it can be appreciated in the round. Alabastrite is a stone-based polyresin which can be intricately molded to produce highly detailed works of art.  Alabastrite, imported, collected prior to 2006.
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