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African Male Figurine:  "Stalking Prey."
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The African Legacy Collection.  Semi-nomatic herders of cattle, sheep, goats and camels, the Samburu of Kenya often supplemented their diets with wild animals.  But as cities have grown, lifestyles have continued to change in Africa, traditional ways of life fade into legend.   "Stalking Prey" is an imaginative image of what could have been common on the savannah.  This figurine shows the tense moments before the charge: the hunter's muscles are tensed, his eyes are staring in focused attention, his spear is held at the ready but if something goes wrong, his knife is near at hand. Alabastrite is a stone-based polyresin which can be intricately molded to produce highly detailed works of art.  Alabastrite and wood, imported, collected prior to 2006.
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