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African-American Angels:  Christmas  Magnets
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These miniature angels are so charming! Each one has a traditional symbol of Christmas. The boys (who are identical) hold a large "golden" star above their heads. The girl carries a six-light candle lantern with a "golden" conical cover. Their plump tummies are centered with "innie" belly buttons and they have swirling modesty stoles (the boys' are a pale green. The girl's is light pink). They have fat, sculpted "golden"  baby-sized wings (like bumble bees, they shouldn't be able to fly!). They wear laurel wreaths over thick black unisex bangs wit h bobbed tresses. Each one's head is turned in a different direction and poses are not the same (except the boys who are identical, remember?) Their full eyes gaze heavenward (or at you depending on the angle); their chubby cheeks frame shy smiles. Deeply molded details are enhanced by incised lines on wings, hair, wreaths, fingers and toes. Resin and magnets. Imported. Collected prior to 2006.  A set of three.
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